Sand In My Shoes – Jambi Melodic Pop Punk

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eMusik. Sand In My Shoes was formed in the middle of oct 2010, with formation : yopi,gilang,wahyu,eka. formation hitherto remained intact, our first demo titled story is over, a work that inadvertently we get, so just crossed our minds to make the song, the lyrics are a bit naughty, we were ready to start this band with passion.
It is we, the small band but had a great spirit. we have, we can, and we work, because we are sand in my shoes.

music :
We can say that our basic genre is pop punk, melodic, and mix with electronic stuffs (ambience,loop,synth,etc), We always try to come up with honest lyric about stories or feelings and straight to the point, like when you have story or problem that you want to share with your friends, you told them then they gives you advices or just listen to your story. Basically that’s what we do in our lyrics, honest story, advices to struggle, and enjoy your life while u can.


Pop Punk

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